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Forrest Yoga Teacher | Meditation Teacher | Reiki Master | Yoga Bodyworker | Movement Researcher

Sandra Chan is a Level 2 Forrest Yoga® and meditation teacher currently based in Hong Kong and Toronto. She is also a contact improvisation teacher/ dancer and has been researching movement and practising yoga for over 10 years.

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"Yoga for Back Pain" Series (English & 廣東話)

"Yoga for Back Pain" Series (English & 廣東話)

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Follow my yoga journey on the GRAM: sandrachanyoga


Tiff C.

I highly recommend Sandra Chan as a teacher of the Forrest yoga technique. Deep, detailed, precise in placements, clear and calming. Can’t wait to add it to my daily practice. She’s also super fun and funny. She’s clearly done her inner work. Inspiring, thank you gal. I feel renewed and cleansed from my day!

Tung Choi

Had a bodywork session with Sandra on my neck and lower back. Sandra is very intuitive with healing hands and she immediately knew where my body felt tight. She guided me to breath into my tight spots with patience, and with her healing hands and guidance of my breath, my whole body entered a state of relaxation and Sandra was able to dive deeper into releasing those hidden tight muscles that normal massage would not be able to get to! I got a deep release emotionally and physically after the session! Highly recommend this passionate yoga bodyworker!❤️

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