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Forrest Yoga Teacher | Meditation Teacher | Reiki Master | Yoga Bodyworker | Movement Researcher

Sandra Chan is a Level 2 Forrest Yoga® and meditation teacher currently based in Hong Kong and Toronto. She is also a contact improvisation teacher/ dancer and has been researching movement and practising yoga for over 10 years.

Classes & Services
  • (HKT) Tue 8:30pm & Fri 9:30am; (EDT) Tue 7:30am & Thur 8:30pm
  • Mixed-level class focuses on feeling your body| Tue &Thur 7pm
  • Small Group class at studio. Only for private/ semi-private groups
  • Personalized yoga class for strength, flexibility/ recovery, rehab
  • Healing session of Reiki and/or Yoga Bodyworks
  • Meditation techniques to calm the mind and relax the body
  • Increase body awareness & mobility using the fundamentals of CI
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